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Thursday, October 29th 2009, 11:56am


F1. What does attacking other players get me?
When you win, you get 5-10% of your opponent's credits.

F2. How come players with a higher level than mine can attack me? I've got no chance, then!
Yeah, life's not fair, but be glad, if you've got no Credits, then they get nothing from you, and you still get an Experience Point. Besides that, there's defensive protection. As the defender, you lose the fight when your LP is < 25, or when the HP you take are >= 50% of you maximum LP. The fight is then ended, although the last shot still counts. However, should the defender have dished out more HP than th attacker at the time, then the defensive protection is lifted and the fight goes on. In the Arena both sides are counted as attackers. If the level difference is significantly large, your opponent will be docked Glory Points.

F3. How are Experience points divvied up?
If you fight an opponent of the same level, the winner gets 1 EP.
If your opponent has a higher level than you and you lose, you get 1 EP.
If your opponent has a higher level than you and you win, you get 2 EP.
If your opponent has a lower level than you, you get 0 EP whether you win or lose.

F4. How did I lose to a weaker player?
First, it's important who throws the first blow and how high your LP is. There is also a random variable which allows weaker players to win from time to time – like in real life. If you look at the overview of your complete right records, you'll see that you too have only lost a small portion of your fights. To be objective, look at your total fights, not individual fights.

F5. I was attacked and now my Life Energy is zero. How long till my Life is back to full?
As long as your apartment hasn't been expanded, you'll regenerate at 10 LP an hour. If you expand your apartment, your LP's hourly regeneration rate increases when you're at home (not when you're on missions, at work, etc.). You've also got the options to buy medicines at the Medcentre on t the market to regenerate your LP. In the Medcentre you can completely heal yourself. Up to level 3 this feature is free.

F6. What's an SF?
SF is the generally used abbreviation for Safety Fight. It means: fight once an hour and remain protected from attack for one hour. It doesn't matter if you fight someone with a higher or a lower level, you cannot be attacked for one hour following a fight of any kind.

F7. Can I be attacked while on a mission on working?
Yep! You can always be attacked during either of those activities once the hour of protection afforded by an SF (see above) runs out.

F8. Can you die in a fight?
Nope, you can never die. LP can sink to a minimum of 1 point. You can regenerate either by taking medicine, getting healed at the Medcentre, or by waiting.

F9. How did I lose the fight, even though I've got more Hit Points?
Then you had less than 25 LP. When you've got less than 25 LP, then the fight is ended. Even if you've landed more HP at that time, you lose.

F10. What's Newbie Protection?
Up to and including level 6 you can only get attacked by Fighters with +-3 levels' difference from yours. This applies to you too, and those players you can attack yourself.