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Thursday, September 30th 2010, 3:08am

Glorypoint ranked #18 Premium account for sale, lvl 48 w/level50 drone!!

Ingame name : Leutnant Vincent (AI.WAR w1)

This is a very strong character, i have spent all points in buying him the stats, hence i rarely did team missions. All the energy went to
aquire as much xp and mystique marks as possible throughout the whole carrier.

What do you get?
Half way to lvl 49, premium account (out 9th October)
All premium/mystique marks gear - top gear!
Just aquired lvl 50 drone with lvl 50 premium drone weapon, armor and upgrades!
All new mystique mark lvl 48 weapon!
Highest avaliable implants for the level.
47Diamond brain implants & 48D Body implants!
Artifact group completed: 3 !!
-130++ Diamonds!!
-400++ Mystique marks!!
-100k+ worth of healing material

So the stats..
With gear:
Agi/pre/speed/res/sta : 297-280-278-291-274
Base stats: 252-254-244-240-250

Playing him until a new owner takes over, if that.

Rock solid top knotch competitive character!
Easily to be used as merc (look at my merc stats)

Taking offers on him right now!
Paypal users preferred.

Post a message here or pm me in game (world 1 AI-WAR) - and I will reply you as humanly fast as possible.

-Leutnant Vincent :)